Vacation Rental Management Companies in Breckenridge, Colorado

The vacation rental market in Breckenridge is seasonal and driven by world-class skiing and snowboarding, though summer outdoor activities like biking, rafting and hiking support demand year-around.

Since 2009 SkyRun Breckenridge has been delivering exceptional service to our homeowners while providing our guests an unbelievable vacation experience. With over 100 vacation rentals, families are sure to find that perfect home to create their vacation memories. From ski-in/out, to in town locations, to secluded mountain cabins, we are sure to find something that fits every guests needs and budget.

Exotic Estates International (EEI) is luxury vacation rental agency serving discerning travelers and homeowners alike. From charming family-friendly abodes to world-class villas, travelers who work with Exotic Estates are matched with vetted residences that are ideal for their needs, while homeowners are offered first-rate market expertise and supportive services to ensure that their rental goals are met.

Summit County Mountain Retreats is a property management company located in the heart of Keystone, Colorado. We manage the properties of homeowners in the area by taking care of the management, marketing, maintenance and housekeeping for those homes. We take pride in hosting our guests, those that travel to Keystone and reserve one of our vacation rentals. We welcome you to our website and hope you’ll take a look around. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Managing properties in Keystone can be a challenge. With so many different options and such a plethora of information, it is sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction and even more difficult to identify accurate information from the stretched truth. At SummitCove we do our very best to accurately and fairly represent all of our properties to all potential guests. We also make sure to stock all properties with full and proper amenities so regardless of what property a guest rents, they are always getting the most accurate information possible and have an honest portrayal of each of our properties.

Summit Mountain Rentals (SMR) is a privately owned, locally operated, full-service property management company focused on short-term vacation rentals in Breckenridge and Frisco, Colorado. We've been building our property management business since 2002 when we purchased The Hotel Frisco; we then acquired Summit Mountain Rentals in 2006. We now manage more than 200 properties in Breckenridge and Frisco ranging from luxurious mountain homes to boutique condominiums.

Our property management services allow our owners peace of mind with their multi-million dollar properties. Vacation home rental allows you as an owner to choose when you use your home and earn a great return on your investment property when you are not in town. We focus on revenue, not occupancy to minimize wear and tear and to reduce operating costs, and provide the maximum return for our owners. We offer a comprehensive management program including a customized inspection plan that protects your home against unexpected events and proactively addresses the maintenance issues that can create problems when a home sits empty for several months.

Great Western Lodging (GWL) was founded in May of 1997 by Chad Christy. Our core management team has over 75 years of collective experience in the Breckenridge vacation rental & property management market. Our goal has always been to be the best, not the largest. Since we have always focused on quality over quantity, we annually turn down 4-5 times the management opportunities that we accept. For 20 years, GWL has had a continued track record of success, being very precise as to what works for us and what doesn't, and also what will work in Breckenridge and what will not.


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